Grimm's Hollow is back for 2022!


The choice is yours...

As you enter the Labyrinth, you will find "dead-ends" and some old friends from past haunts will get to choose the path you take. Then, you're on your own!


Each direction will lead to more pathways or an actual dead-end. There will be secret paths if the group can figure out how to unlock different doors.

Part Labyrinth, part choose your own adventure, part escape room. Chaos reigns in a well controlled manner.


Time lines twist together in the maze and Grimm's Hollow has entered the Multi-Spook of Madness.

For the scarier after hours maze, brave guests will enter The Oubliette (dungeon) and try to find a way out while being accosted on all sides by the denizens of the afterlife. Only the bravest and smartest will find their way out!

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Dates and Times


Admission Prices
Labryinth 7pm - 8:30pm (Family Friendly): $10.00
The Oubliette 9pm - 10pm (SCARY): $10.00

Tickets may be purchased at Easterbrook Discovery School during pumpkin patch hours or at the door upon arrival to the haunt. Tickets tend to sell out early, we recommend stopping by in the afternoon to buy your tickets for that night’s show.

Grimm's Hollow is produced in association with Moreland Pumpkin Patch and all

proceeds benefit the


Grimm's Gallery
of our past productions...


The Crimson Quest

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Enter the Wizarding World

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The Shadow Circus

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Goblyns Glen

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Volunteers Needed!

Do you like to tell stories? Do you love Halloween? Do you want to join a great cause? And most important of all, do you like to have FUN?


All proceeds from Grimm's Hollow go to one of our most important community assets: SCHOOLS.


Join us and help out teachers, students and our community as a whole as we strive to put on the best family entertainment in the Bay Area!


Send us a message, we are looking for:

  • Actors

  • Technicians

  • Construction Help

  • Painters

  • Creators of Magic!

We at Grimm's Hollow pride ourselves on our inclusive environment where EVERYONE can contribute!

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