Grimm's Hollow will not be open for the 2020 Halloween season.


We will be back bigger and better than ever in 2021!


Goblyn's Glen:

Where Halloween began...

The story begins...

”The old ones here speak of times long past...before the railroad came, and the highway after, birthing our wee town around them. Back then, all trade came and went through a place...deep in the Moreland Wood...
Over the Stag’s River Bridge
Where the River Road crosses The Olde King’s Path...
There stood the hamlet of Goblyns Glen.”

This year's adventure will take visitors on a self guided tour to the town of Goblyns Glen, where they will interact with an amazing array of interesting characters, take in the spooky sights, and possibly encounter the Boogie Man! And for a REALLY scary good time, stick around for The Wicked Woods*, where the claws come out, the teeth are bared, and all who enter must try to escape alive!

*The Wicked Woods is an intense and scary entertainment experience and it is NOT recommended for kids!

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Admission Prices

Goblyns Glen: $10.00

The Wicked Woods: $10.00

Tickets may be purchased at Easterbrook Discovery School during pumpkin patch hours or at the door upon arrival to the haunt. Tickets tend to sell out early, we recommend stopping by in the afternoon to buy your tickets for that night’s show.

Grimm's Hollow is produced in association with Moreland Pumpkin Patch and all

proceeds benefit the


Grimm's Gallery

of past productions...

The Crimson Quest
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Enter the Wizarding World
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The Shadow Circus
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Goblyns Glen
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Volunteers Needed!

Do you like to tell stories? Do you love Halloween? Do you want to join a great cause? And most important of all, do you like to have FUN?


All proceeds from Grimm's Hollow go to one of our most important community assets: SCHOOLS.


Join us and help out teachers, students and our community as a whole as we strive to put on the best family entertainment in the Bay Area!


Send us a message, we are looking for:

  • Actors

  • Technicians

  • Construction Help

  • Painters

  • Creators of Magic!

We at Grimm's Hollow pride ourselves on our inclusive environment where EVERYONE can contribute!

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